Does Google Respect your Website?

Does Google respect your website?

If not, maybe it’s your fault!

A lot of people feel that Google is not respecting their website when it comes to search engine rankings. If your website is one of these, let’s be perfectly honest. There’s a good chance that this is your fault. You have to play the game by Google’s rules if you want a good chance of being found (Google is by far the lrgest search engine out there). Google themselves will be first to admit the way they rank websites is not perfect, especially when you consider where the web came from. The way search engines index websites are much more powerful now than they ever used to be.

Is your website showing up in the search engines for its targeted keywords? If not maybe you’re not effectively using the key words on your site. Google is fully aware of the tricks used for stuffing websites full of keywords purely for the search engines. Do not have a high density of keywords on your page. You must use them wisely without compromising the flow of your content. Keywords should be everywhere on your website including titles, images, labels (alts tags) etc . You must keep this in mind when you’re creating any content for your website. Just make sure you keep an eye on the quality of the language used on your web page.

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