Online Slot Machines

Slots are the most popular casino games ever invented and the easiest to play. They thrill the mind and have a very high payout percentage for the house. There is nothing like the excitement of waiting for that one little roll of the dice and then watching the excitement when the ball stops in a slot.

All Slot machines are basically the same, there are some differences… read the US gambling laws to know more about slots and what you can and can’t play.

Online Slot Machines

These machines are very similar to Casino slots, but generally speaking they are not croupiers and only play for pretend money. Online slot machines are very realistic and cheaply bought, and many online casinos sell the same spin and win combination reels as Casino slot machines. These machines are very popular with online slot machines players as they have the possibility to be closer to a real casino action than a Pub or Casino slot machine.

Online traditional slot machines can be played with 1 to 3 coins, however, you would not want to play with more than that, so remember that when playing with real money, you will have to stop the reels to let the money drop. Don’t worry that you can’t actually put the coins back into the machine, in fact you can’t do so with online slots.

Casino Slot Machines

In contrast to online slot machines, Casino traditional slot machines can only accept coins. The coins are mixed into the internal processor, which is placed inside the machine. This is what makes Casino slot machines so easy to operate.

Online traditional slot machines use a random number generator to set the spin reels. Once this is done, software programmed into the game connects to the internet and broadcasts a number on the wire. Once the number is received, the online slot machine will stop the reels and display a number.

Online traditional slot machines can be set to accept coins. However, the coins cannot be withdrawn from the casino, and if they are, the money must be given to the casino/site.


There are both advantages and disadvantages of playing online slot machines. Some may like the noise and flash of lights and electronic sounds, but dislike the weight of the coins which must be carried in to the counter. Others may like the intimate anonymous nature of playing slot, perhaps a more relaxed atmosphere, perhaps the ability to play slot from home, café, computer or even on a train.

Whatever the advantages, make sure to consider all the details of the online slot machine before you commit to play.

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