What is Google Fresh?

What is Google ‘Fresh’?

The short story is that Google is now giving you fresher, more recent search results. The aim is to improve the likelihood of more recent stories ranking higher according to the latest news, updates or reviews on that topic. Allegedly the update will only affect 35% of search results.

How will it affect site owners?

It has been said that these changes will have a long term effect on search results but it will not hugely affect the current algorithm for optimising a site. If anything it encourages site owners to start blogging or updating their sites with news articles or fresh content, which they should be doing any way.

What can you do to try and ensure that you have a shot at ‘fresh’ rankings?

It is said that the solution comes down to ensuring that your site content is always up to date and ‘new’. Sometimes site owners aren’t able to do this for example a site selling iPad’s are unable to update their blog daily and write something new about the iPad, something new which is fresh and up to date, as the iPad doesn’t change that often.

How can site owners profit from this change?

For site owners that have a website which is about either of the following:

  • Frequent updates – updates on the latest model of a product for example.
  • Recent events or hot topics – websites about celebrities, will always be updating what is happening with the latest celebrity or award ceremony.
  • Regularly occurring events – events which take place on a regular basis, for example annual conferences or president elections.

For these site owners they have to ensure that they keep their news up to date in order to make their website rank higher. Site owners should consider a few questions regarding how they run their site:

  • How often do they update their blog?
  • Are you blogging about the things you want people to associate you with?
  • Do you have the relevant keywords in your blog content?

It’s been suggested that site owners should think about hiring a writer to update their website on a daily basis for them, to ensure that their website always has new content and is always up to date.

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